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    2. Jinan Realong Chemical Co., Ltd

      About Us

      Located at the north side of national highway 308 of Sangzidian Town of Tianqiao District of Jinan City of Shandong Province, Jinan Realong Chemical Co., Ltd enjoys good location and convenient transportation for we are only 10km away from Jinan city (capital of Shandong Province). Taking Jinan new materials trading center as platform and Jinan new materials research and development center and research and development bases of major laboratories as technical supports, and combining with high-quality manufacturers, we are mainly engaged in the research and development, custom-production, production, domestic and foreign trade of pharmaceuticals, dyes and pesticide intermediates and other fine chemical products. With good assets, scientific management system and rigorous financial regulations, we now are a fine chemical company with certain market competitiveness.
      Our main products are: quinoline, isoquinoline, dimethyl quinoline, indole, indene, indenone, α-methyl naphthalene, β-methyl naphthalene, mixed methyl naphthalene, industrial acenaphthene, industrial fluorene, anthraquinone, carbazole, pyridine, refined naphthalene, industrial naphthalene and anthraquinone, etc. They are well sold and highly appraised by customers all around the world for advanced production technology, perfect testing equipment and excellent product quality.
      Our company takes "quality first, user supreme" as the purpose of service, and integrity-based business philosophy as the basis of cooperation and development, as well as "Self-confident, hard working, truth-seeking, innovative" as the spirit of enterprise. Relying on strict & regulated enterprise management; high-tech developed technology, excellent & perfect product quality and scientific and perfect after-sales service, and sticking to such attitude of "being sincere, long-term, fair, righteous and mutual-benefited", we look forward to cooperating with customers, and sincerely hope this cooperation will bring you more profits and business opportunities.